Caplek, What is it?

Caplek is a very old market place in front of my small village. There some places around Java Island in Indonesia using unique name of Caplek. Some are names of places or market. Still, most of them are very old name. Caplek may never been used as a formal name. Even this very traditional market and old – but we don’t know from when people using this name – the government formal name for this market is Bajeman Pasar Desa, means market of the village called Bajeman. The name of Bajeman itself is a part of a village of we called it “dusun”.

It is very common in Indonesia that in a village, government divided into several “sub-village”, we call it “dusun”, then divided into “rukun warga” or might be translated into “pillars of the citizen”. This rukun warga was divided into several “rukun tetangga” of neighborhoods. In one neighborhood may consist of tens of house/families. Several neighborhoods called “one pillars of the citizen”, may consist of 5-20 neighborhoods, and so on. This is very depend of the density of the village. In some remote areas, one neighborhoods may more than 1000 meter square due to very low density.

Then why Caplek? The “passion” of Caplek is very old philosophy of marketplace. It is passion of sharing and help each others. This primitive soul still appear in these days. Caplek is a place for everyone. Caplek is the media for people meet and share what they have and their needs. In the millenium era, the Caplek still needed. When Warren Buffet says about the passion of business, then there some basic things that what still we saw in the Caplek marketplace : relentlessly to trade, help, and live as they need. No need to be greed, change their style of life. This very primitive way to do.

We may not use the name of Caplek as a formal name as government doesn’t use it. By the time goes by, name of Caplek may disappear and then our children may not know about this noble passion. I personally love to say that Caplek has being part of my life, I live there, play there, share there, fight there – well it is always happen in your children hood – but still friendship  is never disappear. It is part of our ancient soul. I think about the great idea that from a small village, in the internet and millennium era, business will take place from a small area called Bajeman which has a passion of business called Caplek.

Caplek is my corporate name, we will create the great things from a small step.

Adi N